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  • Kyle Laird

Dreams of Starting your Own Business

Many people dream of starting their own business but very few actually take the first step to make that dream become a reality. Why? There are many different reasons, but for many people the idea of starting a business is just too overwhelming. I mean there are so many things to think about, do I incorporate or be a sole proprietor, what licenses do I need, where do I go to get those licenses, do I need an accountant or a lawyer, where can I buy materials and products, who will be my customers, and the most difficult question of all, how am I going to pay for all this and still eat?

These are all very important questions that must be thought through before starting any business, but successful business owners will tell you they didn’t answer all those questions on their own. No, instead they went out and found people who could guide them through the process and help them fill in all the missing puzzle pieces. That’s what we do here at Whatcom Business Consultants. We take your dream and help make it a reality. Be it helping explain the differences between incorporating, forming an LLC, or being a sole proprietor, to setting up accounting systems and process or giving tax advise; we have the expertise to answer all your start up questions.

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