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Whatcom Business Consultants offers all the personalized care and tax expertise you need to guarantee the best possible tax position for your business. We’ll make sure you understand any changes to the tax code that affects your business and explain any deductions and credits. We never leave you in the dark!


Whether you are an individual, married couple (with or without children), or business owner (self-employed, franchise owner, or otherwise), we have the knowledge and expertise to prepare your tax return. Most important, we know how to keep as much of your hard-earned money in your pockets as possible.


Start your tax prep with WBC today, because the more you know, the less you’ll owe!!    

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• Individual tax returns ( 1040 series )

• Business tax preparation- monthly, quarterly & annually
• S Corporations 1120-S

• Partnerships 1065

• Single member/multi member LLC

• Federal payroll tax returns



• State income taxes

• State excise taxes

• City/local excise taxes (B+O/ sales tax returns)

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